A machine dedicated to true lawn enthusiasts, where attractive design and technical excellence come out on top. This range offers the best solutions to get the job done with very little effort, whatever the grass conditions. Comfortable, agile, and easy to use thanks to ergonomic and intuitive controls, these machines ensure outstanding cutting and collecting quality, whether they are set up to mow and collect or to mulch.


3 in 1: cutting system made to measure

As well as the traditional cutting and collection system, machines are designed for perfect mulching. Switching between configurations is as easy as inserting the specifically designed mulching plug.
There are no performance compromises and no need to change or add blades. It couldn’t be easier. For those who wish neither to mulch or collect an optional deflector makes it possible to discharge clippings directly on the lawn.

Grass collection


Even in critical situations (long, soggy grass) collecting clippings poses no problems thanks to the blade deck design and the efficient cutting chamber.
The particular shape of the blade blends perfectly with the roundness of the chassis and ensures fi ne shredding even whilst collecting. A wide discharge chute prevents clogging and the capacity of the collector is fully exploited. True to its pedigree, once the collector is full, the mower auatomatically reverts to mulching, at times giving the illusion that the collector has limitless capacity!

Mulching system

Thanks to mulching you can save up to 40% mowing time. No more bags to empty, no
time wasted emptying the collector. No smelly compost heap to tend to. And the
lawn will benefit too.


The elaborate blade is a full 4mm thick.
Tilted blade tips enhance mulching.

Praticticality at your fingertips

Anyone can work this machine with great ease due to its intuitive controls. Cleaning is also a breeze thanks to the presence of a quick attach wash port conveniently positioned on the upper side of the deck. Cutting heights can be set by the simple push of a button and the presence of a counterbalance mechanism effectively cancels the perceived weight of the mower. The ergonomic handlebars can be adjusted in endless positions and are also collapsible for easy storage.


Amid all the engines used, the innovative Briggs & Stratton OHV stands out: compact, lightweight, powerful and reliable and easy to start thanks to the READYSTART ignition system. This engine offers a range of benefits that any user can see, feel and touch. With less noise and vibration, Briggs & Stratton OHV engines offer greater durability, higher torque and lower oil consumption. All this in a compact design engineered to guarantee superior performance in difficult conditions.

Scheda tecnica


  • 4 stroke Engine
  • Displacement(cc): 175
  • Engine brand: Briggs & Stratton
  • Engine model: 800 series
  • Starter: Pull start
  • Transmission: Single speed- aluminium gearbox
  • Speed(Km/h): 3,6
  • Safety device: Engine brake
  • Aluminium deck
  • Cutting Width(cm): 53
  • Mulching: Standard
  • Cutting Height(cm): Centralized from 2,7 to 7,2
  • Basket capacity(lt): 65
  • Weight(kg): 41
  • Product certification CE
  • Lawn size (mq.): Over 800