Gardens, fields, parks, flower beds, woods, meadows .. so many needs, so many requests, professional needs, pastimes Sunday.
The care and maintenance of green have many different aspects, but all related to quality, performance and effectiveness of the machines used. Great results, saving time and effort, aesthetics, personal satisfaction depends mainly on the choice of the most suitable.

In a landscape so broad and varied, IBEA is a reference point for everyone from professionals to demanding users for their professionalism and competence.
IBEA is an all Italian and has years of experience "in the field", gained in the treatment of the most difficult and demanding green areas: golf courses.

It 'a company that designs, manufactures and markets its machines with a precise value in mind:

Starting from the machines, designed and built with the utmost care and chosen among the best that the world market offers, because everyone can find the ideal model for your needs and always have a high standard of performance, whether it is a garden private or a public park.
And in attention to the quality of products also includes the use of new technologies to work best, more easily, with maximum safety and that they have particular respect for the environment.
The quality is also a factor that distinguishes the services IBEA guarantees to those who buy a product.
First of all for the distribution relies exclusively of Retailers who are able to advise customers to choose the right product, support it with qualified technical assistance, and able to carry out repairs if any were needed.
Why all this is possible, IBEA ensures speedy delivery of spare parts, which minimizes the "dead time" due to downtime and allows to quickly resolve problems resulting from wear or component failures.

Strongest of all these elements, IBEA choose to apply a 2-year warranty on the machines of its production, because the quality is the result of raw materials of high level, men prepared to exclusive services, united and thesis toward a single goal create stability and solidity.