Setting the cutting height is easy and intuitive. Two ergonomic levers, one for each axle, lift and lower the machine. 6 height of cut positions are available ranging from 24mm to 76mm. To avoid premature wear, the height of cut positions are not cut directly on the chassis, moreover special reinforced plates are used. The strong plastic wheels are interconnected with each other, and are designed to withstand considerable wear and tear. They are mounted on self lubricating nylon bushings to ensure smooth operation and prolonged durability. No maintenance is required. No matter which mower size is chosen, the chassis width is greater than the wheel footprint, allowing for flush cuts along walls or edges. There are fewer uncut areas to subsequently finish off by hand. Axles are reinforced and very sturdy. The wheels are interconnected and designed to absorb shocks.


Fast and functional.

As well as the traditional cutting and catching system, all Idea mowers come equipped with mulching devices and can it is possible to switch between configurations by simply inserting the specifically engineered mulching plug. If neither mulching or collection is required the rear door has a deep drawn design enabling clipping to be discharged directly on the lawn.

Grass catcher


The main feature of this grass catcher is its handiness. It fits easily between the handlebars so it can be installed and removed effortlessly. In addition the broad opening makes emptying so much easier. This is especially important for a mower that collects and compacts the clippings in the catcher so efficiently.

Designed thoughtfully

The fully collapsible handlebars greatly reduce the machine size,making for easier storage.

We don’t just brush dirt under the carpet

Once finished cutting, cleaning the mower is no longer a problem.Thanks to a standard quick-fit connection it’s possible to attach hose and thoroughly wash the machine. Piece of cake! Cleaning the cutting chamber is important to maintain efficient performance over time, especially in mulching mode. A quick, effortless clean and Idea is once again ready for use.

Techincal sheet


  • 4-stroke Engine
  • Displacement (CC): 160
  • Engine brand: Honda
  • Engine model: GCV160
  • Starter: Pull start
  • Single speed transmission
  • Speed (Km/h): 3,5
  • Safety device: Engine brake
  • Steel deck
  • Cutting width(cm): 47
  • Mulching standard
  • Cutting height(cm): Dual point adjustment from 2,4 to 7,6
  • Basket capacity(lt): 55
  • Weight(kg): 30
  • Product certification CE
  • Lawn size (mq): From 400 to 800  

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