The model IBT-500, the largest in Ibea’s Minitransporter line, is ideal for professional use. It is unbeatable in building renovations, where materials need to be carried to places that are not easily accessible and a strong, speedy machine is required. Its height from the ground enables it to move freely even on especially rugged land


Track tensioners

Located inside the forepart of the chassis, the track tensioners allow for quick and easy adjustments (only two adjusters).

Hydraulic tipping kit

It converts the Minitransporter’s unloading system from manual to hydraulic, thus saving labor. 

Grease zerks

The grease zerks on the rollers and sealed bearings ensure smooth operations


The chassis is very sturdy.
The frame rails are 2 mm thick and the front section is 4 mm thick. The chassis is well proportioned to match the requirements of the bed. The bed pins may be greased.
A steel plate protects the transmission from accidental impacts.


The 5 speed gearbox, 3 forward and 2 reverse, lies at the heart of every Minitransporter. It is oversized so as to manage safely the huge torques generated by the engine. Thanks to its efficient reduction gearing the IBT-500 is capable of moving around in every situation and bearing any load.

Techincal sheet


  • Engine: Subaru Robin EH17-2B, 4 stroke, OHV, reductor gear 1 to 2
  • Power (max): 4,4 KW a 2000 rpm
  • Starter: Pull start
  • Ignition Electronic
  • Measurements (mm): 1810 (lenght), 700 (width), 1120 (height) 
  • Ground contact lenght (mm): 700 
  • Ground contact widht (mm): 180
  • Tread (mm): 670 
  • Track torque adjuster: Easy System
  • Weight(Kg): 220
  • Transmission: 3 forward, 2 reverse
  • Dead man: Yes


  • Platform type: Expandable
  • Platform tipping: Hydraulic 
  • Unload angle (°): 60
  • Inner bed lenght(mm): 1040
  • Inner bed width(mm): 630
  • Max bed height(mm): 200
  • Maximum loading capacity(Kg): 600

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