Completely renovated, IBT-3000R is the smallest of the range (capacity 300 kg). Objective: a sturdy and easy to use machine. The front wheels axle has a thickness of 32 mm and weighs 3.6 kg The extensible side panels gives a great flexibility in this machine suitable for all conditions and for all kinds of transportation. IBT 3000: goodbye effort!


Unload angle

up to 85 ° for a perfect emptying

Extendable sides

Easily assembled thanks to the pre fitted mounts, the side panels are extendable, increasing load flexibility.


reinforced with a steel cable that has no seams, but runs continuously within the same track by reinforcing the structure and duration


The 3 gearboxes (2 forward, 1 reverse) lie at the heart of every Minitransporter. They are oversized so as to safely manage the large torques generated by the engine and the considerable loads they must haul. Thanks to efficient reduction gearing, Ministransporters are capable of operating in every situation, bearing considerable loads.


The wheels are steel pressed in a single piece.

Techincal sheet


  • Engine: Subaru Robin EX13D, 4 stroke, OHV
  • Power (max): 3,2 KW a 4000 rpm
  • Starter: Pull start
  • Ignition Electronic
  • Measurements (mm): 1835 (lenght), 590 (width), 1050 (height)
  • Ground contact lenght (mm): 600
  • Ground contact widht (mm): 180
  • Tread (mm): 620 
  • Track torque adjuster: Easy System
  • Weight(Kg): 170
  • Transmission: 2 forward, 1 reverse
  • Dead man: Yes


  • Platform type: Expandable 
  • Platform tipping: Manual 
  • Unload angle (°): 85
  • Inner bed lenght(mm): 935
  • Inner bed width(mm): 590
  • Max bed height(mm): 210
  • Maximum loading capacity(Kg): 300

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