Lawnmowers 53 cm cutting width Model 55030 B - Series 550
Model 55030 B - Series 550

Aluminium deck
Briggs & Stratton 750 DOV Series, 160 cc petrol driven engine with Ready Start system and OHV
Mulching & cut with grass collection system
Self-propelled mower with new variable speed system
IBEA's research and development has produced a powerful, ergonomical machine which combines maximum performance and a modern, attractive design. It is possibile to choose between mulching the grass cuttings, which drop back onto the lawn as compost, and the classical cut and collect system. This mower is self-propelled with a new variable speed system.
The 53 cm cutting width makes this the ideal mower for large areas of more than 800 sq. mt., thanks also to the powerful Briggs & Stratton 750 DOV Series, 160 cc petrol driven engine with Ready Start system, and OHV. 
The controls are compact and user friendly, the wheels extra large and height of cut adjustment is centralised for easy use.
After mowing connect a garden hose to the port at the rear of the engine, turn on the water, start the engine and the mower cleans itself.
65 litre capacity grass catcher and mulching plug standard equipment. Series 550: top performance, zero effort

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Main specifications
Mulching is the cutting system of the future as it saves up to 40% mowing time: in fact the grass cuttings are immediately cut into tiny fragments which fall back on the lawn instead of collecting.
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Winged blade
The exclusive winged blade is one of the outstanding characteristics of the series 500 and 550 mowers.
The particular shape and angle of the blade tips guarantee best results in both "cut and collect" and "mulching" modes.
Height of cut adjustment
The height of cut is adjustable in 10 easy-to-select positions ranging from 27 to 72 mm. The simple to operate, deck-mounted handle makes it easy to find the ideal height for your needs.
A special counter-balance spring compensates the weight of the mower, requiring no effort.
Handlebar adjustment
The handlebars are easily adjustable to suit any user and can be folded for storage and transport.
Extra large wheels
The extra large wheels (front: 20 cm, rear: 23 cm) give greater stability and exceptional smoothness over any terrain.
Larger wheels also mean less grass compaction.
Washing the mower after use if no longer a problem, thank to the port at the rear of the engine. All you have to do is connect a garden hose to the port and the mower cleans itself.
Grass catcher
The large capacity grass bag reduces bag emptying.
The large opening on the bag facilitates easy emptying and connecting it to the mower is a simple one step operation.
New DOV engine by Briggs & Stratton
DOV engines adopt the new direct overhead valve technology. With less noise and vibration offer greater durability, higher torque and lower oil consumption. All this in a compact design engineered to guarantee superior performance in difficult conditions.
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